Thursday, December 30, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

Lawsuits happen probably daily in this country and in most cases there are legit reasons for doing so. Like in the case of having an Accutane Lawsuit this is necessary because for people who have taken this drug and have suffered because of it they well deserve compensation. Some of the side effects that Accutane has cause is Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis which are types of inflammatory bowel disease. I know of some people who have suffered with these types of diseases and it is not good. I sure hope people who are suffering and have a lawsuit going get the compensation they so deserve.

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We had stayed at our parents house for about a week over Christmas. When we got back to the town we live in we were amazed at the snow they had gotten during the week we were gone. I bet it was a foot deeper and my car was buried in snow. It was pretty crazy.


A good friend of ours just celebrated his birthday so my brother and I are going to take him out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse and then to a movie. We thought it would be a fun night out for him and of course us. While waiting for our seats at the Texas Roadhouse we sat and ate peanuts out of a big bucket and were allowed to throw the shells on the floor. We had a great time!

Regency Beauty Institute

If you know of someone who thinking about attending a beauty school then you should recommend Regency Beauty Institute. These schools are beautiful school with modern salons and instructors who know their stuff. When you walk into these schools you will get a warm welcome and experience an energetic atmosphere. Students from Regency can be seen as set apart from other students for other cosmetology schools. They are much more professional and know all the areas of the cosmetology business. If you want a bright future in cosmetology then consider attending Regency.
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Christmas Present

This year I got the best Christmas present yet. My parents bought me an HP laptop and I needed a new one so bad. My other one still works but it was very slow. They also bought me other great presents besides so this Christmas ranks pretty high. I appreciate the gifts so much. Thanks Mom and Dad!


Israel is my little second cousin and he is pretty cute. I got to see him at our family Christmas gathering and was able to hold him for a little bit. He is just over a year old and is a pretty cool little guy. He was quite cuddly when I was holding him and we got some pictures of that.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buy Gold Bullion

Well here I am, leading the life of a carefree college student. I am heading home for Christmas break and can hardly wait to get home and chow down on Mom's cooking. However, I was just listening to a guy on television talking about that you should buy gold bullion as a safe future investment. I guess maybe it is time for me to start thinking farther out into the future and what I want to do when I retire. I know it is a long time from now but do I want to live in Southern California or Florida and spend my time traveling or playing golf? If so I better have the means to do it and buying gold is a safe investment. I understand it has never lost its value and I can believe that because everyone loves gold. I have a beautiful gold watch myself. I am going to have to look into gold and get started planning for the future by making some purchases of gold bullion.

Slippery Roads

We had quite a bit of snow yesterday but as if that was not bad enough, then it had to rain on top of the snow. Can you imagine just how hard the snow got? And the rain made for a great deal of scraping windows and warming up the car before you could go anywhere. Now I am headed home from college and it is quite a ways and I am wondering just how slick the roads are. I have heard there are a lot of cars in the ditches from yesterdays storm and I don't want to be one of them so I will be extra careful driving.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Low Car Insurance

I am a college student and I work nights to help meet expenses. My budget is pretty tight as you can imagine. It takes a lot to keep my car in gas and also groceries and rent on our apartment that I share with my brother. However, my car insurance is eating up every extra penny I have and a little more besides. What I need to do is find cheap car insurance. I found out that I could find some of the best car insurance rates at I could also get a free auto insurance quote quite easily and that was exactly what I needed. It will sure make life easier.

My Brother

Me and my brother attend the same college and live together in a nice apartment. We always get along (most of the time) and now my brother has finished his college course and on Saturday he graduated. I still have a little ways to go but then I will be graduating too. We had a great time this weekend celebrating my brother's graduation. We went out to eat at a great restaurant, a favorite with everyone. Then we got to swim in the pool and relax at the motel. A good time was had with our folks. I'm going to enjoy Christmas break and being home for awhile and Mom's good cooking.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

Don't you just love anything gold? I love beautiful gold watches. I never get tired of seeing new gold watches. I think everyone loves gold. I know my Mom loves gold jewelry and gold rings too. But did you know that you could buy gold coins as a safe investment for your future? They say there has never been a better time to buy gold and that it such a safe investment because it has never lost its value and continues to grow in value. Now that is what I call a safe investment. I also learned that I could contact the U.S. Gold Bureau and that they have a fine professional staff that is dedicated to helping you with your purchases and finding a safe depository for your gold. There is no time better than now to start saving for the future and investing in gold.

New Baby

My cousin's wife is going to have their baby girl tomorrow. That is pretty exciting. It seems like girls are hard to come by in this family as most of the grandchildren and great grandchildren are boys. So little Ava will be special for sure. She is overdue so they are going to induce labor tomorrow and I bet my cousin is really nervous and excited for his wife and to see their first child.

College Graduation

My brother is going to graduate from college on Saturday. My folks are coming down to help celebrate. I am getting anxious to finish my classes too and graduate as well but it will be sometime next year so I have to be patient. He has studied hard and done very well and we are all proud of him and I am happy and proud to be his brother. We room together and have always gotten along very well. It is great to be there to see y brother graduate.

Buy Gold Bullion

It seems like almost every day now when I turn on the television, there is someone there telling me to buy gold bullion and that it is the safest investment there is. He said that gold has never lost its value. I didn't know that. Neither did I know that it usually grows in value which is sure a good thing to know. I also checked out the Internet and found that you can contact the U. S. Gold Bureau directly and make your purchases of gold as they have a very experienced and professional staff working there that are very knowledgeable about precious metals. I am learning much about gold and I think it is time for me to decide to invest in gold to save for the future.

Winter Storm Watch

What! Another Winter Storm Watch. It seems like we have one about every 3 days. I think the first day of winter is supposed to be December 21 and here we are up to our ears in snow already. What is the rest of the winter going to be like? It is no fun digging your car out of a snow bank every other day and now they say more is on the way.

High Snow Drifts

My gosh, it isn't even officially winter and here we have snow drifts so high you can't see at some of the intersections. It is downright dangerous. I know they can not help it but I wish they could haul away some of that snow from the corners. I know they do that in some towns. Where my grandmother lives, the city hauls it all into a huge field and that sure helps the traffic. It is much safer that way.

Buy Gold Coins

I do not feel that I am old enough to be thinking about retirement. However, I guess there is no time like the present to begin planning for it as time goes so fast and it will be here before I know it. Besides, some day when I get married and have a family, I am going to want to have a nest egg for the future. I heard the other day that now is the best time to buy gold. Gold has never lost its value and gains in value as time goes on. The Greeks and Romans knew this many years ago and coveted their gold as they knew how valuable it was and would continue to be. I found I can contact the U. S. Gold Bureau directly and they would help me with my purchase of gold so that is the way I think I should go.

Online College

I am taking my classes online. It is really convenient to be able to work on my college classes at home on my computer. I can take a break when I want to and then get back at my studies. I think if more people tried it, they would like it. It beats fighting the traffic and finding parking places and walking between buildings. I get enough walking on my job.

Night Shift

I work the night shift because I am in college. I work at a Casino which is really quite exciting. However, sometimes the hours get really long and tiring. But I am glad I have a good job to help me with my living expenses and college expenses. Some of my best friends are out of work right now and I feel sorry for them. I hope they find jobs soon.