Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2 Days

2 days till I leave and I cant believe it. Got alot of stuff to do before I depart though. I gotta figure out what clothes I'm going to take and what what not to pack so that my bag isn't heavy. I also need to get batteries and my cameras together. Get stuff dubbed off so I will have tapes to tape on . But it's almost here and I'm so excited and nervous. I'll post on how things went when I get back.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Lucky gone

Well the rents took Luck yesterday. It's kind of wierd to be without here. The responsibility of not having to worry about her for a couple of weeks will be nice though. But it'll be good to see her again and play with her when that time comes. But with her being gone means that Italy is right around the corner. Can't wait but will miss her. It'll come fast to when I get to see her again though.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Welp the rents are coming tomorrow to visit and take Lucky home while I'm gone.They we're suppose to come for the weekend. But stupid snow is only allowing them to come for the afternoon. We'll probably go out to eat and stuff. Go shopping and what not. But it'll be fun. I also got to get a hair cut. Then I'll see them off until I get back from Italy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

One week

Well just over a week and it's off to Italy.I got to start getting things together. It's going to be awesome. It going to be alot of memories. I am a little nervous since it's been awhile since I have flown. My friends that are going with are going to be awesome to be over there with. IT 'll also be nice to have the class over with. Thank God for that. Gosh I can't wait.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Well Jess and Dan come today and it's about time. We're gonna go see the new ghost rider movie and go out on the town and what not. Hopefully it warms up alittle bit so we can do some stuff outside and what not. Definitely want to do some ghost hunting hopefully. WE always have fun though when they come because we do stuff completely out of the ordinary and just goof off.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Been forvever

Well it's been quite sometime since I last blogged. I've been very usy with school and other stuff. Things are good and classes are more or less going pretty good. We we went to the auto show yesterday which was a complete blast. Got to see funk master flex up close and get his autograph and of course sweet cars.It was a great time except for getting lost which really blew and it took us a long time to get home. But it was worth it and it was great to be back in Chi town.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Well Venice was awesome. To get to the city we had to ride a water taxi to the Island of Venice. It was really neat. I couldn't believe that I was actually in Venice. All the history and things you hear on tv. We got to the city and went off on a walking tour. WE went in a palace and had a long boring tour. Then we went off on our own. I had some of the best lasanga I've ever tasted in that city. WE went shopping and goofed off. We ended the night by me and mike sitting in San Marco square just watching tourist and locals. It was such a good time.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Been awhile

Been awhile since i posted last. With christmas and getting back to school it has been a hectic couple weeks. The good news is that google has officially indexed my blog and I am ready to start up with payperpost! My cousin has been doing payperpost posting for several months and just loves it! His blog, Sankey Blog, is a great source for all the up to date payperpost news you will ever need! Thanks for reading!