Thursday, November 26, 2009

Online Colleges

I am currently taking online classes but before I did I took a lot of time researching online colleges to determine which one would work best for me. I knew that I would have to deal with holding down a job while trying to get my education. It is worth taking the time to check out all the online colleges that are available because you want it to work for you and also to make sure you get the classes you feel you really need for your future career. Be patient and research it well. You will be glad you did.
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Okay, so today is Thanksgiving and of course we are at home with my parents. My mom fixed a feast for us to enjoy and it all has tasted so delicious. We all went away from the table kind of miserable from overeating. I'm sure glad I don't have to do anything strenuous because I don't think I could. I am sure glad I don't do this on a daily basis.

Sony LCD Television

I recently found a great deal on a Sony LCD television that I couldn't resist. It has a 40 inch screen and is full HD. I love it! I have hooked it up to my computer so you can about imagine how it must look as a monitor. :) The picture quality is phenomenal! I've been putting extra hours in at work and am rewarding myself with this television.

Cosmetology Schools in Kansas

As a young adult many ideas have ran through my thoughts of what I would like to pursue for a career. I have a couple different ideas and am pursuing one for sure. I have known many friends and acquaintances who have been interested in becoming a cosmetologist. No doubt they have searched for the school that they feel will give the education they need to become successful. For example, cosmetology schools in kansas. These schools are accredited beauty schools and can help reach their dream. They would be worth checking out if this is a career you would be interested in.

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Black Friday

I am so excited about Black Friday. I've been working a lot of hours and having been saving up for a PS3 and several other items that are going to be at bargain prices. My brother and I are pro shoppers on this day and we get to the stores early and if we can get in we scope out the store to find the items we are interested in.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Cousin

Yesterday my cousin Jenna had a baby boy. He joins his big sister, Kaelyn who is two and of course her mom and dad. His name is Kaden and I'm sure he's a pretty cool little guy. We should get to see him on Christmas when all of our families get together. It will be fun to see him and we will also get to see my other new cousin who is due the first part of December. This baby will also be a boy and they have named him Israel.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buying Gold Coins

buying gold coins interests me a lot. I love any kind of coins and know that investing in gold coins or gold in ignot form is a very wise way to invest money. It has been a sound investment for many years. I spend a lot of time on the internet and I have come across a great site where you can sell and purchase the most beautiful rare gold coins. By investing money in buying gold coins like this it can preserve your wealth and purchasing power. Isn't that a great way to spend your money knowing it is a safe and prosperous thing to do?

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The Office

There are a few great shows on television and one of my favorites is The Office. It's on NBC on Thursday nights. I own some a couple of the seasons on dvd and watch them over and over. It is hilarious and if you enjoy good comedy you need to check out this show.


Yesterday I started feeling like I was coming down with something. I went to bed and this morning I woke up and I ached all over. I went back to sleep telling myself that I was not sick but then I woke up again feeling just as bad if not worse. I got up and took my temperature and it was over 102 degrees. I called my boss and told him what was going on and asked him to let me come in for only a half of a night. He was pretty cool about it and said if I didn't get any better by later tonight to let him know because he didn't want me going in at all. Hopefully I will feel a lot better by then.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Online University

Are you someone who is thinking about continuing your education but not sure how you will be able to do it because you are working full time or are a stay at home mom who has trouble finding time to attend a college? Well, look no further then Capella University. This online university can fit with a schedule like these. This school is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and is the leading online graduate school for working adults. It has the flexibility and convenience you need. This is a great school where you can achieve the degree you want or get your graduate degree.
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Best Security Officer

I am a security officer at a casino where I live and the other night as I was working my boss saw me across the room and waved and the next thing he did was to yell out that I was his number one security officer. That made my night because I wasn't feeling that way for awhile. I was hoping I was doing a good job so that just confirmed it for me and I was happy.


I love to go to Goodwill. I can find some of the coolest things. I found a really nice Vikings jersey for my brother. He's a big fan of theirs. I thought it was going to cost me $5 but when I went to check out it was only $1.25. I was so surprised and so was my brother. I have also found some pretty cool things to use in my movies I like to make. Another good day at Goodwill.

Romantic Cancun Vacation

Some day when I find that special lady that I want to spend the rest of my life with I want to plan a romantic cancun vacation with her. My parents have been there and they had a wonderful time. They said it would be a great place to spend a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary and that is what they did. The beaches there are beautiful and there are many palm trees to add to the attraction. There are also all inclusive Cancun resorts and hotels which offer many great amenities to make the trip even more romantic and fun. It is a place that is made for couples who are in love.

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I love to take pictures and when I use a digital camera they turn out the best. First it's nice to see the picture right away and secondly the picture turns out so sharp and clear.
When I go on vacation I go crazy with taking pictures. I take anything that looks interesting to me so that I can have every memory possible of my trip. I would love to own a Canon 10.1 mega pixel camera with the different lenses and accessories. It would be awsome to be able to get really nice closeups and still have a clear, sharp picture of each detail in the photo.
It would be fun to own a camera that can zoom in on a subject and while they are in motion the camera grabs it all. When I go to wrestling events a camera like that would come in handy.


It seems as if over night summer went into fall and I guess according to the calendar it did. But what I mean is the weather went from running the air conditioner to turning on the furnace. Don't get me wrong, I love this cool weather but it would have been nice to have more 70 type weather for a little while. My mom heard that we could have snow flurries in the next 7 days. Yuck!

Tippmann Paintball Packages

Doesn't playing paintball sound like a lot of fun? It does to me and I would love to play it with my friends and brother. We would have such a great time and better yet is to have all the great equipment that goes along with this sport. One item that I think is pretty cool is the Tippmann Paintball Packages. Have you had a chance to check out these guns that are in these packages? They are sweet and would be so fun to use while playing this sport. Better yet when you purchase paintball guns, paintball goggles, hoppers and paintball starter packages you will receive free shipping at the website Now that is a pretty good deal.

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We are heading to Villisca for the second time this year. My brother and some friends are joining me. We really wanted to go on Halloween but they are so booked up so we took what we could. If you are not familiar with Villisca, Iowa then let me tell you a little about it. This is a house where a family was murdered and they had a couple of small children staying with them that night. They never caught the person or persons who did this crime and to this day it has been known to be haunted and we have experienced some of that. So, we will go spend the night in the house tonight till daylight then head home.

Home Again Home Again

Well my brother and I are home again. We were just home about a week ago. We are having Norwegian pancakes with my parents then watching the Vikings game. They are playing the Packers and we hope they win. They have been doing awesome since Favre has joined the team. I was never a fan of the Vikings till they hired him.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Disney Tickets

It has been way too long since I have been to Disney World and Universal Studios. My brother and I talk about going quite often and we would love to go around Halloween when they have the Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights. Their theme features horror movie legends like Chucky, Wolfman and Jigsaw from the movie SAW. I don't know what it is that I like so much about getting scared but I do like it. Then after that purchase Disney Tickets and head for some great fun at all the Disney parks. This would be a dream come true and I hope to do it someday soon.

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Cake and Ice Cream

Last night we met my parents in the town close to where they live and had supper together at Taco Ticos. It was so good and it had been a long time since I had been there. Then we went home and they gave me Season 2 of the King of Queens and a really nice wooden tray that I can use for my laptop. We then indulged in some delicious white cake with chocolate frosting and Peanut Butter Panic ice cream. It was a great night.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yamaha Motor Cycle Parts

I think it would be pretty cool to own a motorcycle. It would be great for saving on gas in the warmer seasons and so much fun to ride for recreation. It would be awesome to create a bike that specifically fits me. If you are like me and are looking for Harley or yamaha motorcycle parts then you should take the time to check out There you will find a wide range of parts that will make the perfect accessories for you and your bike. They have brand name parts for up to 60% off. If you have a bike and are thinking of customizing it then be sure and check out their more then 30,000 different parts and accessories.


Today is my golden birthday! I have turned 24 on the 24th. I had never heard about golden birthdays till my dad called me this morning. I thought that was pretty cool. It's been a pretty good day and this weekend my brother and I are going home to celebrate my birthday with my parents. We are very much looking forward to it.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Destination Weddings

I am not married yet but when I find that special lady and we plan our wedding day I want it to be awesome. I think it would be so great to be able to have our ceremony on a white sandy beach like they have in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. My parents have been there and they say it is beautiful and romantic. What a perfect stage for a couple's wedding day. Not only would you have a beautiful ceremony on the beach but then the couple could spend their honeymoon at a Karisma hotel where they have all inclusive service. If you want the wow factor when it comes to your wedding day and honeymoon this is perfect for destination weddings.

Cool Weather

Oh, I love this cool weather. I am not one who enjoys hot sticky weather and lately it has felt like fall. It is so nice to be able to shut the air conditioning off and open window. It makes sleeping a lot better too. Fall is my favorite season and it feels like we are getting it earlier this year which is okay with me.


I have shared before that I enjoy writing scripts for movies and most of the movies I make are usually scary movies. I have a friend that knows someone in his family who owns an abandoned farm place. He said that if I wanted to I could make a movie there. I am pretty pumped about that idea so I am slowly working on a script and hopefully can get started on making it soon.

Paintball Marker Package

I have always wanted to play the sport of paintball. I have not had an opportunity to do so but think it would be awesome. I love the gear that you get to use when you play and that makes it even more exciting. If you are someone who is lucky enough to get to play this sport and are looking for a great buy on a paintball marker package, paintball guns or any items needed for this sport then you should check out Zephyr Sports. There you will find low prices and free shipping.They also make it their goal to make sure your shopping experience is smooth and pain free. They want you to be one of their satisfied customers.


I finished up my last class about a week ago and was so happy to see I got a B in it. Some of these classes are quite challenging and I can get kind of nervous as to what the outcome might be but this one turned out very well. I'm hoping I can keep this up.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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I am having a two week break from classes. I'm trying to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer without all the school work. My brother and I got to go home for a couple of days last week and that was nice. It was good to get out of here and hang out with friends from home.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Purchasing silver precious metals is a safe way to invest your money in. The demand for silver is great and world wide. Now is the time to purchase silver. When purchasing silver you can get them in coin and ingot form. Ingot form is silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. You can purchase silver or gold through the Monex Precious Metals Company. They have been in business for 30 years and are the leading precious metals company. If you are interested in purchasing some of these fine metals you can purchase them for immediate personal delivery. They have a dedicated staff who are committed to serving your precious metals investment needs.


I love creating scripts for movies. Then I do all the planning and figure out the characters. I have a friend that has an abandoned farm place in his family. I am now writing a script for a scary movie that will take place there. I have asked people I know to help give me some ideas of what I could use in my movie. I am very excited about this and hopefully we can get started soon on it.

My Car

Well, it sounds like I will be getting my car back this week. I've been without it since May and I haven't missed it. I've been fortunate enough to be able to use my parents other car. It is in a lot better condition that mine is in. I will enjoy getting my sub woofers back and cd player. I do miss that.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Allegro Medical was founded in 1996 and is serving more then a million customers today. This online retailer offers 55,000 products, under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories. One of the products they offer is ensure. I know many older adults use this product to help keep themselves healthier. It is a great product with a lot of beneficial nutrients in it. When purchasing a case of 24 you can get a huge savings on it. This is worth checking out if it is a product you use on a regular basis. Allegro Medical is the website to know for all your medical supply needs.

Pay Raise

I was recently told that I am getting a pay raise. I will also get one in December as long as I am still working there and I should be. It is so great because I can use the extra money. It also makes it easier to go to work knowing that I am making more per hour. What a blessing.


We just had an amazing thunderstorm. It was sunny then suddenly got dark and then the rain hit and boy did it rain hard. It lasted maybe 5 minutes and now the sun is back out in force. What an amazing site and I can still hear the thunder. I love storms like these.

Online College Courses

Have you ever considered taking online college courses to acheive your degree? That is what I am doing and it works well for me because I work third shift at my job and would have a hard time attending a college. Capella University is an accredited and fully online university that is a leading provider of master’s and PhD degrees for working adults.
Some of the graduate degree programs they offer are in the field of business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety. Attending an online university such as Capella can open a doorway to your future and success in any of these jobs opportunities.
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I had to drive to where I work today for a meeting. It's not exactly what I would choose to do on my afternoon off. It's a gorgeous day outside and I have to be inside listening to stuff I don't care about. The only good thing about it is that I get paid to be there.


It is no fun when a person has to deal with allergies all the time. I rarely have an unstuffy nose. My brother deals with this a lot. He never did till he got older. I have basically had problems with it since I was a child. If it isn't the pollen in the summer it's something else in the winter. It gets old.

Cubic Zirconium Jewelry

Jewelry makes a wonderful gift for anyone. You can find gorgeous pieces in silver and gold and I have even seen some really nice cubic zirconium jewelry that looks expensive but is not. If someone didn't know any better they would think you had a diamond necklace on or a bracelet. These pieces are stunning to look at and would be a great addition to any outfit. Holsted Jewelers is the place to shop for beautiful jewelry such as this. They have many styles to choose from. Check them out next time you are looking for a gift for that special person in your life.

Cell Phone

I am so ready to get a new cell phone. In August I think our contract is up and we will be able to get a new phone. Not too sure what I will get but at least it should work better then the one I have now. I need to save up some money for it, August is right around the corner.


My former dog Lucky is staying now on an acreage with friends. They are so good to her. My brother and I went out to see her when we were home over the 4th. She knew me right away. She looked so good and happy. She has really put weight. I miss her and am glad we took the time to go see her.

Family Vacation

I love taking a family vacation. As I am older now and out of my parent's home we do not get to do that very often but when we do it is so much fun. A fun family vacation to take would be in the Riviera Maya. There they have the Karisma Hotels which means divine favor. These hotel resorts have magnificent beaches and accommodations. They offer a Gourmet-Inclusive concept for people who love food. They also have hot tubs and hammocks, swim-up rooms with ocean views, white gauze curtains floating over four poster beds, and exquisitely presented food prepared by expert chefs. You get all this and more for one price with Karisma. What a wonderful family vacation this would be.


My brother and I enjoy going ghost hunting. We have many people who think we are crazy for doing it and think it is wrong. But then we have many that think it is cool. What do you think? Do you think there are ghosts out there? I feel people's spirits leave their body and either go to Heaven or Hell when they die but their memories stay on earth and that's what I think stirs up spirits.

Weight Loss

Every since I started my job at the casino I have been losing weight. I usually walk about 2 miles every night that I work. I eat less and I'm guessing I have dropped more then 50 pounds. I feel better and hopefully look better. I am still trying to lose more and hopefully will get it done. I'm glad I got this job.

Option Screener

Many people like to invest their money into stocks and it is probably a good idea to do so to save up for your future years. An option screener is a great way to find the best returns. It gives you the best information needed to invest in stocks. It is the best way to find, compare, analyze, and make money on stock option trading.
Many customers and industry professionals are very pleased with this stock option screener. PowerOptions gives you a 14 day free trial period for you to try this and see if it works for you. They offer great customer support also.

Family Reunion

Saturday my brother and I went to a family reunion of relatives on my Dad's side. We had a blast. I think we played volleyball for about 3 hours straight. We also ate some pretty awesome food. Later we had a bonfire and made smores. It was a great day and wish we could do that more often.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Auto Body Repair Shop

I have not had to deal with finding a shop to fix my car because thankfully I have not been in an accident. But living in a city where I am not totally familiar with everything and needed to find an autobody repair shop I would probably need some help. It would be important to me to find people who could repair my car back to pre-accident condition and to get it done in a reasonable amount of time.
Using the website at Collision repairs experts they make it easy to find an auto body shop close to where you live. It is as simple as entering your zip code or city and you will be led to the best auto body repair shops around. Another great feature at this website is the ability to hear testimonials from people who have gone to these body shops. It is always nice to hear if people are satisfied with the work that was done on their vehicles. So, if you need some guidance in this area, check them out.

Car Troubles

Last night, myself and four of my friends were heading out of town to go do some ghost hunting. We got about a half an hour away from where we live and the car started acting up. We were blessed enough to be right by a farm when it decided to totally die. I had to call my dad at 11:00 p.m. to let him know we were stranded. Luckily we found someone to pick us up and take us back home. My dad had to drive two hours today to get here to try and fix it. I'm sure that's not how he wanted to spend his Saturday. I feel kind of bad about it but I guess it just couldn't be helped.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Gold Coins

There are so many things that people can invest their money in. Silver and gold coins are a safe way to invest a person's money in. The demand is high which makes the investments to be the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power.
Monex Precious Metals is the company of a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals. They are committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a competitive precious metals prices. When purchasing from Monex you will find the best service and prices. Check them out for your next investment in something that is safe and valuable.

Back to Work

Well after having about two weeks off from work I went back last night. It was hard to do that because I have enjoyed my time off. I guess that's the way it goes though. Life does go on and we can't be on vacation all the time. I'm just thankful that I have a job to go to.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rustic Furniture

If I could afford my favorite kind of furniture it would have to be anything in leather. It gives a classy look to any room and is easy to keep clean. Another kind of furniture I really like is rustic furniture. A home decorated with furniture like this gives that old west feel. I think either kind of furniture is a great touch to any home.

Air Conditioning

It is kind of irritating that we pay quite a bit of rent and yet we can't get anyone up here to fix our air conditioner. It is suppose to get extremely hot and humid in the next couple of days. I sure hope they can get it running because if they don't that will really be bad.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Buy Baby Gifts

I have yet to buy any baby gifts but I am sure in the near future I will have to buy baby gifts. There are many people I know who are expecting either their first or second child. Being a guy who does not have children yet I would probably need some help in figuring out what to buy. There is this great website called where a person like me can get some great ideas for gifts. There is apparel, bath time items, bed time items and even items for meal time. There is a large assortment of gifts for the baby, the baby's siblings or even the mom and dad. If you are looking for that perfect gift be sure and check out this website.

Hard Rock Cafe

Today we traveled down to Beale Street in downtown Memphis. There we found an awesome Hard Rock Cafe. We decided to get some lunch there and it was worth it. It was quite costly for my parents but an experience we well enjoyed. They had some great pictures of Johnny Cash and Elvis. They were also playing some great music. It was fun.

DVD Collection

I have a huge dvd collection and today I picked up four more. We found a huge music/dvd store close to downtown Memphis. It was amazing and had some great deals. My brother and I could have spent hours in there. I sure wish there was one like that around where we live. But on the other hand maybe that would be too much of a temptation for me.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun and a lot of work. It is so nice when you can find a place where you can buy most of your items you need for that special day. Some items a person may be looking for could be bridesmaid gifts, ring pillows, cameras, or decorating items. Some really cool gifts are the ones that are personalized. They can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date. Right now there is a 3 day sale at the website This a great sale with a savings of up to 75% some items. Get started on purchasing items for your wedding and begin to save.


I am on vacation with my family. We are in Memphis, Tennessee. Yesterday we went to Graceland and had a great time. Everywhere we go I have bought postcards. I think I have a total of 25. Mostly of Graceland. I like to hang them on my wall at my apartment in my bedroom. These cards will make a nice addition.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crystal Singing Bowls

Who doesn't need to learn how to relax and what better way then to purchase one of the quartz crystal singing bowls from These crystal bowls are available in clear and frosted styles and each one is made to create a beautiful song perfect for meditation and healing. When you shop at this website you will find the finest crystal singing bowls in the west. Not only can you buy these remarkable bowls but you can also find items like spouting bowls, Nepali Gongs, and singing bowl cushions. There are many other items to choose from, also. You can get next day shipping with a satisfaction guarantee.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Collision Repair Experts

Do you live in Anaheim, California and you have recently been in a collision or have had a fender bender? Maybe you are not sure which autobody shop you trust to take care of the damage. Well look no further then Just click on auto body anaheim and find an insurance approved body shop nearest you. There you will find the collision repair experts who will give you quality repair that will protect the value of your vehicle. This website is America's premium autobody site and their repairs are guaranteed for life. You will be please with what you see.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ford Radiator

It seems to be pretty common that the longer we have vehicles the more they have things go wrong with them. Maybe a transmission goes bad or a radiator. Well, if you are having trouble with your radiator and are looking for one you should go to This is the radiator hotline for finding one for any make or model of vehicles. Maybe you are looking for a Ford Radiator, it is very easy to type it in and you will immediately get online pricing. You can also find a shop close to where you live so that you can get your radiator or have it put in for you. This is the place to find a radiator if you need one.


My brother has been gone for just over a week now. He went and stayed with our parents last week and he is on his way home now. I'm looking forward to him getting back so that I have someone to do stuff with. I think he is ready to come back to so that's good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buy Gold

Monex companies have been America’s gold, silver and precious metals investment leader for more then 30 years. Through these companies you can buy gold, silver or other precious metals and coins. Gold is known to be a very safe investment for all mankind. It is real, honest money. It is also universally accepted around the world and also can be bought and sold all over.
Gold is rare, durable and does not wear out in the manner of lesser metals or even paper. It is a great way to invest your money knowing that it is also a safe way.

My Car

Last week my brother and I went to Walmart. As we were getting ready to leave I tried to start my car but it wouldn't. I tried and tried and we finally had to leave it sit there. It sat there for a couple of days till we finally got it taken to our apartment building by a wrecker. Then when my parents came on Sunday my dad got inside of it and it started right up. I was so mad, I couldn't believe it. Anyway, my dad drove it home and I guess he will have to figure out what's wrong with it.


My parents came to our town on Sunday. We all went to church together and then went out to lunch at Perkins. I had one of their new sandwiches which was amazing. Then we decided to get some dessert and I got strawberry cheesecake. I was so stuffed by the time I was done. It was a nice day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


There is this cool website that has a lot of information on medications and illnesses. It is a helpful tool for physicians as far as making sure certain medications don't get prescribed together where it could be dangerous. This website also is a tool for reference in finding out about illnesses and diseases. It tells what type of treatment would be good, it explains the disease and what it might look like. For example if you looked up Psoriasis you would get to see a picture of some one's legs who is dealing with this problem. I can see that this would be a website worth looking at for guidance and information for anyone who wants to know more.
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Prison Break

It is great to see that Prison Break is back on. I don't get why they show just a few of them and then take a long break in between. This time they are only going to show 5 episodes and then the season is over. They get you hooked in and then we have to wait months before seeing it again. Oh well, it is worth watching.

DVD collection

I love collecting dvds I have over 250 in my collection. Anything and everything rocks. I've been collecting television seasons of shows also. My favorite right now is The Office. I really like Prison Break also. It's nice to have so many dvds because when I get bored I always have something to watch.

Online Degree

I am taking online classes to eventually achieve my online degree. It is nice because with my work schedule I would not be able to attend a regular college. I work odd hours and so when I get time, day or night I can do my school work.
Capella University is an accredited university. Capella offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety. This university is there for the working adult. What a great way to get the degree you desire and still be able to hold down a job or be a stay at home mom.
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Making movies

One of my favorite hobbies is making movies it's the man. My brother and I have been doing it for almost 11 years now. I even made a movie last summer that I made a sequel to. I entered the first one in a contest and that ended up being a real joke. It's just a lot of fun to do.

CD Player

Well, not too long ago my CD player in my car just up and quit. So, I got one that I had at home where my parents live and finally decided I would replace my other one with this one. Well, it doesn't work either so now I have to go find another one. I can't stand to drive my car without any music. I will have to try and find a cheaper one and hope it will work a long time for me.

Beauty Schools in Missouri

Where I live it is not too far from Missouri and I have friends that are interested in attending a beauty school. Attending one of the beauty schools in missouri would not be so far from home.
The beauty schools in Missouri are modern, professional, and salon-like. Their crew of educators are very talented, a unique learning program that encourages and rewards student achievement, and a national job placement network.Regency Beauty Institute is the fastest growing beauty school in the United States. These schools sounds like the ideal beauty school for some of my friends to attend.

Taco Pie

One of my favorite meals that my mom makes is Taco Pie. She makes it in a pie plate and layers tortillas and a mixture of taco meat and refried beans. She also tops each layer with cheese and then bakes it. It is soooo good and it doesn't last long when we are all home to eat it.

Star Wars

One of the greatest movies out there are the Star Wars films. I'm a huge fan and love collecting anyhting and everything Star Wars. I have posters, figures, cards, pictures, so many different things with starwars on it that I can't name them all. I love my collection.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop Snoring

I have been told that I snore and breath hard when I sleep. I don't know, maybe I do. I have seen that with married couples it can become a problem when one or both snore while they are sleeping together and it causes problems in the way that they are not getting the necessary sleep that is needed and it makes it hard to function day to day without the needed rest. Well, now you can stop snoring and get a full restful night of sleep. At Allegro Medical they have different products to help with this issue. Maybe it is time to check these products out and start getting the rest you need.


We have a buddy coming to our place today and I am really looking forward to it. He hasn't been here for awhile so it will be great to catch up. We want to go run around later today and be outside so I am sure hoping the rain stays away. I also hope I am feeling better to do that.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Have you ever found yourself moved to a new area and you have to start all over trying to find new physicians and dentists to take care of yourself and your family? You want to make sure that these people are ones that make your family comfortable and that you can fully trust them. You can visit the website and begin to find dentists in your area for all your dental needs. This is a website with a lot of help and information. For more information about this click on Plano Dentist, you will be glad that you did.


Well, I had a great weekend at home with my parents, brother and hanging out with friends. On Sunday night I started coughing a lot and it continued on through Monday. I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something but then this morning I woke up with a 102 temperature and feel lousy. I sure hope this is only a 24 hour bug.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rustic Furniture

It would be pretty cool to be able to decorate my own place and someday in the near future I plan to do just that. One type of furniture I would really be interested in is rustic furniture. It is a guy's kind of furniture and would be awesome to have.
I would like the living room furniture from They have some pretty cool looking entertainment centers and end tables. They have from smaller to larger entertainment centers that can display a television to much more. I have a lot of electronic equipment that would fit perfectly into a larger one. They also have some pretty cool lamps that fit perfectly with the end tables and entertainment centers. It's a great look.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have a good friend who has had a bad week and she loves the character Mator from the animated movie, Cars. So last night I sat down and drew a picture of Mator for her. I have to say it turned out pretty good. I think it will put a very big smile on her face when she sees it.

Fashion Jewelry Sets

Easter is just around the corner and many people enjoy giving special gifts to their loved ones or special lady or man in their life on holidays. Giving beautiful fashion jewelry sets is a great idea. Holsted Jewelry has magnificent sets which include necklaces, bracelets and earrings which match together beautifully. Any woman would love a set like one of these. You can't beat the prices either. Some of these sets start as low as $21. They have gorgeous shades of spring in these pieces. They are stunning. They also have other jewelry to choose from and many will fit into your budget.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Criminal Justice

Well, today I am finally starting my first Criminal Justice class. I have had to do several general education classes and am very tired of those. I hope this class will be fun and interesting.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Plastic Guides

Plastic Machining Company has the world's largest inventory of plastic machined gears and sprockets. They are known to have plastic guide that are professionally engineered to match your chain for longest life and highest performance. Their parts are ready to ship and can be in your hands in 2-3 days.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caller ID Spoofing

Most people either have caller ID on their home phone and everyone has it on the cell phone. Do you ever feel like having a little fun with your friends and family and spoofing the caller ID? I think that would be a riot and you can now get Free Spoofing at There you can sign up and begin by making it be under your control what shows up on people's caller ID. They even have a voice changer so that they can't recognize your voice.
It can make your voice sound like a male, female or just a sound that is not yours. It is pretty cool. They are now is now offering Free Unlimited 2 minute ad-supported Spoof Calls. Check it out.


I am not familiar with the kinds of perfume women wear. I do know though the kind that my mother wears most of the time. She wears a perfume from Avon. It is called Night Magic and is a favorite of my Dad's. It is the type of perfume that is not over powering, it has a more subtle fragrance. As long as I can remember she has worn this brand of perfume.
What I don't like is when women wear perfume that is way strong and it doesn't even smell that great. I like it when I am around a female and you can slightly smell her perfume. It adds an attraction to her and it is nice to be around. There are just so many perfumes available that I would think it would be hard to know which one to choose.
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Holodomor Truth

holodomor truth has a lot to do with the Soviet famine of 1932-1933. This famine affected most major grain-producing agricultural areas of the Soviet Union, including other areas surrounding it. The Communist governments of the Soviet Republics took the grains from the peasantry and exported most of their Republic's agricultural output to the West so that they could maintain the rapid economic transformation. By doing this it caused mass hunger or Golodomor for millions of victims throughout the Soviet Union. The word Golodomer means "mass hunger or great hunger which caused millions of people to become victims.
In order to politicize the issue of 'golodomor' and to bring to the world's attention as much as possible, the word 'golodomor' has been transformed into 'holodomor' making it look and sound like 'holocaust' and therefore, could be considered as a genocide. The European Parliament in its resolution on October 23, 2008 rejected to call the famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine as "an act of genocide" but a crime that was "scornfully and cruelly planned by Stalin's rule in order to force through the Soviet Union's policy of collectivization of agriculture". This is a very sad subject and to think that some governments would stand by and watch people lose their lives. If you are interested in finding out more, visit their website.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shower Curtains and Grocery Bags

It is nice to have a fabric shower curtains for our shower because they wash up so nicely and are more attractive to look at.
Also, it is nice to see that many stores are going to the fabric type shopping bags to eliminate the use of plastic bags which are filling up the landfills. It's great to try and save on our environment.


I've been getting a lot more hours at work and it has been a lot with dealing with that and doing my school work. It sure was nice though when I got my last check. I actually had some money left over after paying my bills so I guess it is worth it all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gift Ideas for Women

When it comes to birthdays or Christmas it can be sometimes hard to think of a special gift for a good female friend or even my mom. perfume and flowers are always a great idea and seeing the smile on her face when she receives it makes it worth it all.
Other ideas could be a laptop or nintendo Wii. These would be great gifts for any occasion but one special day I am thinking of would be graduation day from high school or college. I would love to receive something like this when I graduate from college and getting a gift like this would show even more how proud my parents are of me and the accomplishments I have done.
If you need some great gift ideas for women or anyone who is special in your life then visit the website They have some really great ideas.


Last weekend my brother and I were suppose to go stay with a friend and spend the weekend in Omaha. I went to bed earlier then normal on Friday night so that I could get up early on Saturday morning. While I was sleeping my brother was dealing with a lot of drama from a friend of ours and it ended up that we decided not to go. It was pretty disappointing but we made Saturday a fun day by eating out and going to see a movie we had been wanting to see for a long time. So it's all good.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Real Property Management

Real Property Management specializes in the management of single family homes, multi-unit apartment buildings, and homeowner’s associations. They have managed rental properties for over 20 years nationwide. They have qualified, professional, well-trained staff of property managers, maintenance personnel, and accountants. By contacting them they will show you how you can save hundreds of dollars per year and also get better service. So if you are in need of a professional property manager or you are tired of managing your property yourself call them and get started with some great help.
They have received an award for "2008 Franchise of the year honorable mention" so you know your property would be in good hands.


The other night I was at work and was working with another security guard and we were pulling a large cart through the casino that was very heavy. He was pushing and I was pulling and I tried to pull with one arm and felt a sudden tightening in my back muscle and it has been sore ever since. I think it will be ok but will make sure I am more careful next time.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


With the economy the way it is and not knowing what the future holds it makes me think about what would be a wise thing to invest money in. Buying bullion has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. Gold has been something worth investing in for many years. It is is real, honest money and has been said that it is the best form of money the world has ever known. If you are interested in finding out more about investing in gold bullions or want to purchase these you can in the form of three different forms through Monex. To find out more about this you can check out there website where you can find all the information you need.


This is so great! Most of the snow is now gone and for the last three times that the weather people have said we are going to get snow, well we haven't or very little. It is so great and I am so ready for spring. I can't believe it is March first tomorrow and it's looking like it is going to come in like a lamb and hopefully it will go out like a lamb.=)

Car Troubles

I had to leave my car with my dad because it keeps using oil and the transmission fluid is low. So he always has a way to figure out what is causing this trouble and I am hoping he is figuring it out. I had to take their other car to get back home and am sure glad they have that spare car for me to use otherwise I don't know what I would do.

Honeymoon Vacation

My parents went to Mexico a couple of years ago and they said it was so fun and the hotels and resorts were out of this world. What I have seen of Cancun and the Riveria Maya is that it looks like a pretty romantic place to be especially if you are on a honeymoon vacation or celebrating an anniversary. The Karisma Hotels are the perfect resorts to stay in for a special occasion such as these. These hotels offer upscale all-inclusive vacation locations, each with a slightly different feel. This is the perfect atmosphere for romance. Consider one of these hotels if you are planning a honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

Weekend Home

My parents were gone last week on vacation so my brother and I decided to go home and spend the weekend at my parent's house. It was strange not having them there but we still had a good time. We had one of our buddies come and stay with us and it was a fun weekend away. I think I needed that after the crummy week I had just endured.


About a week or so ago I was around my Dad some and my brother and they had both come down with colds. It wasn't too long after that I ended up getting one and felt miserable and of all weeks I had to work more nights then usual. It was a tough week with working and trying to keep up with school. I'm so glad I am feeling better and hope I stay healthy now the rest of this winter.

Eye Charts

I can only imagine what the expenses are for hospitals and doctors offices who have to buy medical equipment for everyday use. Even for optometrists with needing equipment such as eye charts and other types of supplies to check vision. Allegro Medical is the place to shop for such items. There you can shop by brand, category, condition or body part and right now till midnight if you order anything that is $25 or higher you will receive free shipping. There are so many medical supplies available on this site. It is a great one stop shopping site for any and all your medical supply needs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day

I have a beautiful sweet friend that I think the world of and I decided to get her something special for Valentines Day. I was going to buy her some flowers but thought it would be nice to get her something that would last a little longer then flowers do so I picked up a teddy bear and a box of candy. I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction when I give it to her. She's a great friend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reduce Debt

It is so easy to accumulate debt if a person is not careful. I know of a couple of people who have gotten buried in debt and they receive harassing phone calls from their creditors. They live with worry and stress trying to pay off their debt and it affects them and the people closest to them.
With people losing their jobs or their wages have been reduced it can become a strain on trying to pay a person's bills. Maybe a family member has an illness that has strapped the family financially and they don't know how to get out of it. It is a horrible feeling.
Reduce Debt is a website that can help reduce your debt in 30 minutes. They will help reduce or eliminate interest rates and lower monthly payments. They will also help create a budget that will work for you and help you maintain or restore your credit rating.
Their credit counselors will help you to avoid future debt issues and help you to become debt free. How nice would it be to know someone is there to get you on the path to financial freedom? Let Reduce Debt help you get your life back and free you from daily stress.

Sore Knee

Well, they didn't find anything on the xrays about my knee. So, I don't know why it hurts so much. Luckily the other night I was sent home a couple of hours early because my knee hurt so bad. I think I will have to go see a specialist and maybe they can give me a cortisone shot in it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I imagine most people have been in a hospital or have seen on television people having electrodes put on their body to have their heart checked. There are many different styles of electrodes and I'm sure a hospital has to have a variety of different kinds and sizes. At Allegro Medical they have a very large selection of these. There are Self Adhesive Electrodes, Snap Reusable Electrodes and Snap Tens Electrodes. Not only can you find electrodes at Allegro Medical but they have a huge inventory of different medical supplies. The free Allegro eCatalog is offering some great limited time specials and discounts to anyone who signs up.


We had a great weekend away. We did some shopping and found some pretty good bargains. We met up with several friends and hung out together which was great. We went to the Historical building which is always fun to do and it is free so that is also good. We didn't want to go back home last night but then all good things must come to an end eventually.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I think it would be fun sometime to play paintball with some of my friends. I have never had a chance to do that but know I would love it and I know the perfect website where I could get all the equipment and gear to play paintball like the paintball sniper. The website is

Classes Started

Classes got started for me this past week and it is going pretty well. I sure am glad that I chose to do my classes online. It works so much better for me and with me having a late night job I would have a hard time getting to school and working at the same time. I've even done better in my grades and that's worth a lot.

Gold Coin

I like to collect different things. My favorite thing to collect is Starwars items. I am hoping they will be worth something some day. Well, some people like to collect and invest in rare coins. It can be a great investment if you know what you are looking for. Monaco Rare Coin is part of the Monex family of companies and is a trusted leader in precious metals investments for nearly 40 years. When you visit their website you can find a nice selection of rare coins and they have some that will fit into anyone's budget. If you would like to find out more and check out their fine coins click on gold coin.


I have been having trouble with one of my knees for quite awhile now. With my new job I have to be on my feet for 8 hours. I do a lot of walking and it sure has been taking a toll on my sore knee. I finally went to the doctor and had xrays taken of it. I had to take off a couple nights of work and am waiting for the results of the xrays. I sure hope it isn't something serious.

Below Zero

This past week was the coldest yet this winter. My brother and his friend had to walk in it a couple of day to get to school. He was about froze. Then nobody's car would start and that made it so my brother couldn't go to work. Two days later we finally got them started. Thankfully it has warmed up some and is suppose to get in the 30s.

New York Restaurants

I hope someday that I will be able to take a trip to New York. That place looks pretty exciting and there is so much to see and do. I've also heard about the great food you can find in the New York Restaurants and I enjoy good food.
At you can find reporting and criticism on many things having to do with New York. The Voice covers all the entertainment options in New York City, pointing out to readers the best choices in events, music, movies, nightlife, dining and more. So if you are like me and want to know where to dine at this would be the place to start and find out what the reviews and comments are on these restaurants in New York.

Time Away

My roommates and I are going to get away for a couple of days. We are all so ready for a break from where we live. We like to go to Des Moines. We usually go downtown and walk in the sky walks and there are some places where we can go visit that are either free or a very small charge to get in. We got a room at a motel with a pool so I am sure we will take advantage of that also. We are really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is so sad to see people throw away their lives because they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. These things destroy the lives of the one who is addicted and the people who are close to them.
Promises Treatment Centers are excellent in helping people who have issues with drug and alcohol addiction. Promise Treatment Centers use a variety of treatment which includes psychiatry, counseling and psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, stress management strategies, holistic therapy and medically monitored detox.
Heroin is also a very powerful narcotic and thus habit forming. heroin addiction has a horrible affect on a person's body. The withdrawal symptoms are very unpleasant. At Promises they are there to walk the person through each step of the drug detox and get them back to where they should be, sober.
Promises is the treatment center with the best combination of staff, programs and experience. They provide the highest quality addiction treatment. They have treatment centers in Malibu and West Los Angeles. These treatment centers are home like atmosphere and it is a safe and friendly environment.
If you know of someone who could use the expert help from the staff at Promises then consider checking out their website. It is full of very helpful information.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Classes Started

I can't believe classes have started already at school. The Christmas break went way too fast. My class started today and my brother started yesterday. Since we feel like we really didn't get to do anything special besides Christmas my brother, roommate and I are going to go to Des Moines and spend the night this weekend. We are all looking forward to getting away and doing something different and fun.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Online Degree

I am taking online classes and I really like it. It is flexible and I am doing very well at it. I am working toward getting my online degree and would recommend this to anyone who wants to continue their education.
Capella University is an accredited, fully online university that has a great reputation for providing quality education for working adults and they have released their latest Inside Online Education podcast. It features a discussion of financial aid options at Capella with Mike Nylund, the university’s financial aid director.
A large percentage of online university’s students receive financial aid. It is there to help you get the education you desire. More then 24,000 students from all 50 states and 45 other countries attend Capella University. Eighty-three percent of Capella students are currently enrolled in master’s or doctoral degree programs. This is a great university to consider for you continuing education.
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Well, I have been at my job for about a month now and it is going pretty well. I am getting a little frustrated though because they keep telling me I need more training. I feel I know all there is to know and wish they would just give me a chance to be on my own. I hope soon that will happen because it may make my evenings go a little better. Don't get me wrong, I am very appreciative to have this job, just anxious to be on my own now.


Isn't it great when you can find some really great bargains? I was telling my parents that I wanted to buy me this mp3 player that was a little more expensive because it was a 2 GB plus it played video. I was going to be a little short on the cash that I received from Christmas and so I thought I was going to have to make up the difference from my paycheck. I walked into the store where it was located and here it laid in the clearance bin. It was about $20 less then what I had planned to pay for it. So, I ended up having enough Christmas money to buy it plus pay the taxes on it. That was a real blessing.

Stock Option Trading

Are you a beginner at stock options trading? Would you like to get some help by someone teaching and guiding you in the best way to trade? Along with a complete set of educational materials and top of the line toll-free customer support system, PowerOptions provides the essential data you need to invest with stock options.
The Learning Center consists of webinars, tutorials, tips, coaching sessions, publications, statistics, and a glossary. Everything is there to get you started to get that competitive edge. They offer a 14 day free trial, an easy online user guide, and their PowerOptions Performance Guarantee. Let them get you started.


Three of our cousins came to stay for a couple of days at our place. They went home today. We always have fun when they come over. We like making movies, playing video games and just running around. They were suppose to come over for New Years Eve but couldn't make it so it was nice they came for a couple of days after New Years.

Nintendo Wii

My brother recently bought a Nintendo Wii and we have had a lot of fun with it. I am so use to having video games that you just sit in front of the tv or computer and play but this Wii gets you up and moving. We took it with us when we went home for Christmas and it was hilarious watching my mom play. She really got into it. There were a few times when she was playing baseball that I thought she was going to go into the tv screen. It was fun.

Wedding Website

With Christmas just passing by many couples are now engaged to be married. Now all the planning and excitement begins. There are so many details to deal with. There is a great Wedding Website that is full of great ideas and help in planning a couple's special day. At any couple will find the most comprehensive wedding planning site. They have great tools for creating the wedding of your dreams. Some of the things they have to offer are wedding budgets, checklists, scrapbook, and wedding dress searches. Using this website and help take away some of the stress of planning your wedding day.