Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Buy Gold Bars

It is kind of fun to invest into something unique but also stable. When you buy gold bars you are getting just that. Buying gold is much more of a stable investment then paper currency. You can see the value of it as you hold it in your hands. As with any investment it is always wise to educate yourself in these types of investments. Gold in the long run will most likely become more valuable. This could be one of the easiest investments you ever made. It is definitely worth looking into, you probably won't regret it.

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Well, Brett Favre signed on with the Vikings again! That makes me very happy. They did awesome last year but I hope they do even better this season. We would love to see him take the team to the super bowl. It has been a long time comin. I sure hope it happens. He is an amazing player. Good luck, Vikes!


We are in for some intense thunderstorms tonight. I always enjoy a good storm. The sky is looking pretty dark and threatening right now. I love it when it's flashing lightening and hearing the constant rumbles of thunder. It was pretty hot and humid today so I do anticipate some strong storms....bring it on.

Hair Schools in Wichita

I know of a few people who are interested in cosmetology and I think they should know of hair schools in Wichita because these schools are with the Regency Beauty schools that began in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are so popular that they now have 30 schools across the nation. Their education is comprehensive so the student will learn the beauty business from A to Z. The facilities are modern and fabulous. They also help with placement after the student graduates. That is pretty impressive. With these kinds of schools you know you will get the education and training needed for a great career.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Aced My Class!

I was pretty excited to hear that I aced my class with a 93%! So far the last few classes I have done really well in. I sure hope that continues because when I first started my online classes I had a tough time. I guess I just had to find my groove. Sure hope this next class goes well.


Halloween is one of my favorite times of years. I noticed in the mall the other day that they already have the Halloween store open. I enjoy seeing all the new costumes and other items that are affiliated with Halloween. I recently saw a picture of my little second cousin and he was in his new costume. He looks pretty cute.

United States Gold Bureau

If you are someone who is looking into buying gold or silver then look no further then the United States Gold Bureau. They are an authorized dealer for the U.S. Mint. They can provide news and information about the precious metals industry to anyone who is interested. The U.S. Gold Bureau can provide clients with the resources necessary to make informed decisions about their precious metals portfolio. When you do business with them you will find a knowledgeable staff that can help you in every way. You will find that they sells gold, platinum and silver in bullion form as well as rare and certified coins.

I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.

Ghost Hunting

Our ghost hunting team called CCPI has been getting a few opportunities to investigate places. We have two haunted theaters that we are really excited about exploring and investigating. We have a great team also and we all love doing this. We have recently been able to get more equipement to help aid in our investigations and we are really excited about getting out and using the stuff.


Blogging is fun to do. I can share with others what is going on in my life and also make a little money too. Sometimes I can get into a bind though because I go blank and can't think of anything to write. I think it is pretty cool, though, to have my own blog.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gold Bar

I do not think it is too soon to start planning for my retirement. I know it is quite a few years off but it is never too soon to begin thinking of what investments I should make for the future. I heard on television that gold is the commodity that keeps its value throughout the years and even grows in value and I could buy gold bar or gold coins for a safe investment. I checked into the Internet and found that the U.S. Gold Bureau is committed to being America's best dealer and they have a dedicated staff that is ready and able to work with you to help you plan your purchases of gold bar. A gold bar is a form that is easy to store conveniently. They will assist you in finding a safe depository for your gold unless you would rather have it sent directly to you.


Casinos are quite exciting places. I am in college but I work at a Casino for money to pay my rent, food and gas. It sometimes is long hours which can make me really tired. However, I am taking my classes online so I can set my own schedule. That is very helpful. I will be happy when I finish and graduate and can get a full-time job in the field I have chosen.

Classes Begin Again

I am taking my college courses online. I have been doing this for several years now and it is very convenient for me. I am able to hold down a job to help pay expenses of our apartment and buy food and gas and have something left for entertainment too. I have another year to go and I will be finished. It has been great living with my brother because we get along so well.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Did you know that gold bullion is one of the best investments you can make? For centuries, people have been investing in gold because they knew their wealth was safe because gold not only keeps its value but most always increases in value. I found that you can buy gold directly from the U.S. Gold Bureau and they would ship it directly to me. However, I did not think that was such a safe idea so I found they will help me find a safe depository for my purchase. It is a good feeling to know that you have invested your hard earned money in something that will keep its value through the years. I am so glad I found this on the Internet and looked into it. They have the expertise I needed.

My New Car

I got a new car a while back. Well, it isn't brand new but it is new to me. It is in great condition and it is cool to have a car I can depend on. My folks live quite aways from the college and I need a dependable car to get home from college to visit them. It is always great to get home and have plenty of Mom's great cooking.

The Paranormal

My brother and I are really interested in the paranormal. We have found a great many other people who are also interested in this. Therefore, we started an organization to search out haunted places and go see them and see what we can find. It has been very interesting. We have visited haunted houses, apartments and many other places. We record findings and they can be seen on YouTube. We have asked people to send us places they believe have unusual events going on and we have gotten a great response.

Online Military Degrees

When you get out of school it is so important to further your education so that you will do well in the working world. It is just as important if you decide to join the Military without going on to college. Although you are in the Military, it is possible to get online military degrees much more easily that you might have imagined. By checking into the Internet, I found that you can fill out an easy form in regard to the subject and degree I would like to obtain, and put in my zip code and find a college that would be right for me. I found you can take the classes online and even on campus. These colleges are fashioned to fit Military personnel especially. Some offer discounts and various other ways to cut down on your tuition. A college degree is something that is of real value whether you are still in the Military or a Veteran.

Online Classes

I have been taking online college classes now for several years. It is really great to be able to do all your work on the computer in your apartment. You don't have to fight any traffic or use up your gas. It gives you more time to have some fun for a change too. My brother is attending classes at the college so life is entirely different for him.

Family Visit

My folks came down to college to visit us. We really had a good time. It is quite a drive for them to come down here. But we sure enjoy their visits. We try to get home as often as we can and on breaks but it isn't as often as we would like. We have a new apartment and it is great to have them spend some time here. I wish they could come down more often but they both have jobs that keep them very busy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gold Bullion

Would you like to secure your savings and protect your money from inflation? Why not take control of your own money and invest in buying gold bullion. Gold can be purchased in coins or ingot form for immediate personal delivery. You can also arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. Gold is an investment that you can actually hold in your hands and know that in will most likely grow in value over the years unlike some investments. Buying gold is a very unique investment and one that you can most likely trust.

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Tomorrow we are going to the fair. I am going to meet up with my parents and head down. My brother is working at a booth down there for his job so the whole family will be together when he gets off work. It's suppose to be horribly hot but we will make the most of it. We also have been getting lots of rain so hopefully the fair isn't all mud.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


On Saturday my brother was in a wedding. He stood up for the bride so we called him a brides dude. It was a really nice wedding and it's the first one I've ever been to where there was a guy on the brides side. It was pretty cool though. After the ceremony we had a chance to take some pictures and I got one with him. I thought it turned out pretty good.