Wednesday, August 29, 2007

San Diego Dentist

Who wouldn't want a strikingly awsome smile. With the help of a San Diego dentist it is possible. It would be great to have really straight teeth and here you can get invisalign invisible braces. And once the teeth have been straightened then you could get zoom whitening to have the whitest, brightest smile. Everyone would be envious. I would love a smile like that. Other specialties they have is porcelain veneers, bonding, and dental implants to make you feel good about your teeth and smile.

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Class Schedule

When I got my class schedule I was so happy. I had to change one class but the times I have classes are the best. I can actually sleep in some and that's good because I stay up pretty late. This should be an awsome semester, a nice way to begin school again.


When I get a chance I want to go on a trip to New York. I'm sure I will be able to find cheap flights to New York at There they have very competitive prices.
I would love to visit Manhattan, Staten Island, and maybe Brooklyn. It looks like the best place for entertainment and excitement. Never a dull moment. After I have enjoyed that trip to the fullest it would be awsome to plan a trip to one of their specialist areas such as Africa, Asia, or the Caribbean. I could really enjoy a holiday in a place like one of those.
At dialaflight you can search for flights, hotels, car rental and many travel ideas including weekend breaks, beach holidays, spa holidays & much more. You can even check the weather where your destination is at.
You can book online or call and speak with one of their UK travel consultants who will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. By speaking on the phone with them you can be sure that your specifically made vacation is exactly as you want it.
There is another great thing they offer and that is that you can sign up for a price alert just using your email address. I've used it and it works great.

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Monday, August 27, 2007


It's been really awesome getting back and catching up with my roommates. We've been hanging out alot and finding out from each other what's been going on through the summer. We went out to eat the other night and caught a movie together. It was a good time.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Event Websites

I think this event website is awsome. Seeing the event shown on a website brings it more to life then on paper. It's more striking. The design and colors add perfectly to the event that is going to happen. Registering for these events are very easy and smooth. It's clear and easy to understand. I wouldn't change anything on these event websites. They are attractive and are eye catching. The conference payment software is great, too.
What is so nice about this website is that you can see and try it out. Take a test drive for free. They also have a video tour and free live demo. It shows you all the features that you can use. It has easy pricing, it's pay as you go.
If you would like to read some reviews on this site they are available there for you.

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My dog's name is Lucky and I have been without her most of the summer. She stayed on a friend's acreage which was several miles away. So, that kept me from seeing her very much. But now she is back with me and I sure love having her. I missed not having her around but she couldn't stay where I was so it worked out good for her to stay where she did. I'm just glad she's back with me.

Terry's Fabrics

I have just moved back into my rental house and have decided I need a change in the way my living room looks. So I thought I would check online to see if I could find the perfect curtain fabric that would fit well in a guy's home. These curtains are going to give me the look I want. It's going to be awsome.

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I had the best summer this year. We had so many good friends to hang out with. There were many nights we would just hang out at the courts and play basketball. We stayed out pretty late at night most of the time, too. We just had a really great time together and I hated to see it end but that's the way it goes I guess.

Innovative Tutor

I have a friend who's child has had some trouble with study skills. I mentioned to him that he should check out the internet to see if he could find a good Innovative Tutor. So, he did and was very pleased at the outcome. His child has received excellent tutoring and is now doing much better.

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Getting settled in

Well, I'm back to my rental house and trying to get settled in before school starts.
I'm unpacking many things that I took home for the summer. I sure hope I can find everything and didn't forget anything at home. My parents live about 3 1/2 hours from me so it's not that easy to just pop home. Anyway, it's going pretty well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lap Band by JourneyLite

If you are one that has health issues because of being overweight then this is an option for you. The lapband Adjustable Gastric Band is made to help you lose excess body weight. It will help to improve weight related health conditions and improve your quality of life. It reduces the stomach size and restricts the amount of food that can be eaten at one time.
This procedure will allow you to feel full and satisfied while you actually eat less and lose weight. It's a really great opportunity for people who need the help to lose the weight that's harming their health.

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It has been raining for a long time now and fields, ditches and homes are getting flooded. Our basement at home has had water in it twice now. We got it dried and then my dad called and said it was soaked again. It's ridiculous how much rain we are getting. We need to get some good dry days to help this situation out.

Mint Credit Card

I love the use of credit cards especially the ones that have great benefits with them. The Mint credit card has a great deal going on right now that if you have any credit card balances you can transfer them to this card with no interest for 13 months. You can apply right online and fill out a credit card application.
They also offer loans you can apply for and insurances such as auto and home. This is worth looking into.

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Moving back

Well, yesterday I moved back to where I go to college. My brother and a friend came along to hang out for a couple of days. This summer went way too fast and I can't believe school starts on Monday. I have alot of settling in to do before then. I rent a house with some buddies. I guess that's life.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hotel Reservations

I love going on trips. I've been on several with my parents and my mom always checks online for the best deals. She checked out Hotel Reservations at this great site. You can save up to 70%, it's a great deal. They offer so many different hotel and motels to stay in and you can find them all around the world. You can get reservations in France, Great Britain, just about anywhere.
On this site you can also book flights and car rentals. They even offer vacation packages. That way you can save more money.
I would love to take a trip to Florida some day and I will surely check out to find the best deals on lodging and my flight. It's awsome to know that you can plan a trip and save in the process.
Another fun thing they offer is Bed and Breakfast. I know my parents would probably love to stay in one of those for an anniversary or special occasion. All you do is put in your location and they bring up what is available for your dates and area you want to stay at. It's very easy to do and it's a fun site to explore.
They have a destination guide to help you plan your trips. They also have cruises that you can select from. This site has alot of variety to make your vacation the best ever.
They also have a lowest rate guarantee so that if you find a lower rate then what they quote they will take care of you. You can book online or they offer an 800 number that you can call. There is also a 24 hour customer care.
If you are planning a trip be sure and check out this website, you won't regret it.

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Iowa State Fair

Today we went to the Iowa State Fair. It was so hot but we still had alot of fun.
We went to the Channel 8 news at 5 and sat in the front row. Not sure if we made it on tv or not but we did record it to see if we did. The most fun is all the food they have. I love there corn dogs and turkey legs. I went with my brother and a couple of other friends. It was a good time.

Innovative Tutors

I have a friend that has a daughter who needed some help with reading. I suggested that he go online to see if he could find an Innovative Tutor that could help her with her reading skills. So he did and was thrilled to find help for her. She is now doing so much better and loves to read all the time. I'm glad he looked into it and that they received such good help.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Score Experience # 2

Well now after having such a great experience with my kid at score with math. It was apparent to me that when he started having trouble with reading that I have him tutored through Score with there awesome reading program. In weeks he was already doing much better and progressing tons. Another awesome experience with them.
To visit the site click here Reading Tutors

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School is around the Corner

Well schools start up next week and we are all excited... not. But it will be nice to get back into more of a routine and that also means Christmas is coming and my birthday. This should be a good semester and definitely it should be different now that Kutz isn't living with us. Anyways will keep ya updated.


In the past my son has struggled with math. I've tryed many different things and programs but I was having no luck. So I decided to go online and look for some answers or a solution. I was apprehensive to try some of these online tutors. But one stuck out to me and that was Score Learning Centers. My child had much luck with them and has progressed tremendously in math. It was a great experience.
You can visit there site by clicking Math Tutors

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween

Rob Zombie is releasing a new halloween movie. It's a new take on the 1977 classic by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. I couldn't be more excited for this movie. I loved scary movies for a very long time and my favorite has always been the original Halloween and it's sequels. Halloween is just classic and Michael Myers has to be one of the scariest horror slashers out there. I've seen Rob Zombies other movies and they are quite terrifying and just thought of him combining that with the story of Halloween just makes me very excited. I think that Zombie will take much of a different angle in his movie then Carpenters, I think he is going to put much more detail into it and give it more of a sturdy story line. I also think he will make Myers more of twisted human than originally portrayed. Zombie is an amazing film maker and I think no one should do this movie except him. I'm very excited and I will be there opening night for the movie. This movie should do well in the horror community and it should be better then most horror remakes. To see the awesome trailer to this movie view it below.

Here is the website of the movie
or just click this link Halloween the movie

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It's been awhile

Wow it's been awhile since I posted. I've been really busy! Working and friends. I finally quit out at camp at the beginning of the month because my boss left and I didn't want to continue. And my friends and I have been doing a lot of stuff. Went to the Villisca Ax Murder house last month and that was a time and half. I'll write more later.