Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Buy Gold Eagle Coins

There are a lot of ways to invest your money and before you stick your hard earned money in any investment it is wise to research each opportunity there is. You do not want to make a mistake and lose it. When you buy gold eagle coins you are investing in a fairly safe item. Gold coins are stable then paper currency and the value increases over time. Like any investment you want to make sure you are educated in this kind of investment. It can make a good addition to any investment portfolio and be great for your future.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**


In about 2 weeks my brother and I are moving to a different apartment. We can hardly wait! We just want our own place to ourselves and the apartment is pretty cool looking. We should save on rent to which will be helpful. I am hoping we have good weather when moving day arrives.


For the last couple of weeks or should I say since we got home from vacation which was over a month ago, I have been sick off and on. One day I will be pretty good and then the next day I am all stuffed up again and feeling miserable. I sure hope this ends soon. Maybe some of it has to do with allergies but it doesn't feel that way.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Buy Gold Coins

Are you someone who is interested in a good safe investment? You have looked into different avenues to invest your money but you do not feel safe about it? We all work hard for our money and we do not want to risk losing any of it. When you buy gold coins you can feel assured that your investment will be safe. Normally when it comes time to cash it in you will get a high return. That is what we all need when it comes to using our investments for retirement or whatever. We need our money to grow and not to lose any of it. Take control of your money and safeguard your savings.

**I was paid for this post. My honest opinion was given and not swayed in any way.**


When we were sitting on the beach there would be these little birds scouring over the sand for food. We were having a snack so I decided I would share some of mine with them. They came up to us pretty close and it was fun to see them eat it.

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Another awesome lighthouse we went to in Florida was the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. This lighthouse is located in Daytona Beach area. This is believed to be the highest lighthouse in Florida. It was pretty awesome going to the top of it. It was also scary at times.