Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have heard that when you are young and single it can be difficult to get a loan for a Mortgage. Probably because we haven't lived long enough to establish great credit and haven't been able to purchase much to prove our credibility. Women have been viewed as far too high a risk for lenders to even consider, particularly if there has been a background of poor credit history.
Mortgage lenders have begun to realize that often bad debts were caused by circumstances or life events, such as divorce or illness. As a result of these bad credit incidences, Adverse Credit mortgages and a whole range of services are now currently available to prospective borrowers, in spite of any history of a poor financial background. I think it is great to see that there are some understanding companies out there that care about people and their futures.

Prison Break

Prison Break has been awesome again. The season finale was good but it didn't have the effect it did last season. It is going to be a long time before it is on again. I wish it would have been on longer this season. Oh well, something to look forward to.

Breast Enlargement

Getting a breast enlargement is very common these days. Young and old are doing this. Many women have the desire to do this surgery because they feel it will make their figure more flattering or maybe they feel they need a lift because of having children and breast feeding or because of age and how it can affect a woman's body.
The procedure of a breast enlargement is quite simple. When a size is agreed on the implant is inserted through a small incision made in the natural crease of your breast. After that you will then have an overnight stay in hospital so that they can closely monitor you and give you full peace of mind before you are discharged. I feel if a woman is comfortable doing this with their body then more power to them. For more information click on Breast Enlargement UK.


My friends and I went and saw the movie Jumper the other night. It was an amazing movie. I love special effects and this movie definitely had some. The actors were awesome and I would recommend this movie to anyone. It is worth seeing.

Sales Courses

When starting a new job I am not a big fan of training but I know it is necessary. How else are you going to learn how to do the job and build the confidence needed to be successful? Sales skills are imperative to run a successful business. Effective sales training can be the difference between success or failure. Sales Courses can help you maximize your potential. Some of the courses available are telephone technique,developing relationships and managing accounts. You will find other sales courses available also. This is a great way to prepare yourself for business. Get started today.


I went with my dad and my brother to Ames today. We had to take my brother's computer back to Best Buy cause it was still having issues. We went out to eat at Hickory Park. They make the best burgers and they are huge. When my dad said we were going to eat there, I jumped out of bed and got ready to go. It's the best.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Modern Furniture

I moved into a new condo last month and when I got here I realized that I needed some new furniture. But I wanted something in, more modern furniture. So I got on the web and started looking around. I found this really good site www.modernlinefurniture.com. They have a great assortment of different fun and unique types of furniture. From couches, chairs, end tables, lamps and many other different things. All of the furniture priced at discount prices. You'll find stuff here that you can't find at other furniture stores around your town. And shipping they offer a flat fee for every size of the furniture. Everything is in stock from the warehouse in New Jersey. It will be sent out fast and complete to your house in no time. So if you are looking for away to spice up your new home or bring life to your old home I suggest checking this great site out!

Cool Features on the Rokr

So found out that you can make any song on your mp3 player in to ring tones. So Jesse and I have been making all kinds of ringtones out of our favorite songs and letting friends pick there own ringtone.

New Phone

So finally got a new phone. Got the new motorola rokr. It's really sweet and has tons of different features on it. It's slider phone and definitely different then my razr.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

RBS Six Nations

Lately I've been getting into the sport of rugby. I think it's pretty sweet and you don't hear a whole lot about it. Well I heard about the Six Nations rugby games, which is a huge rugby tournament. I went online and found a great website with all kinds of neat stuff about this tournament. On there you find the newest and latest list of news on the tournament and the Six Nations championship. I also learned that this tournament is Europe most premiere Rugby tournament all year. This site includes podcasts so that you can listen to updates and games on the go on your ipod. It also includes fixtures and results of each and every one the rugby games. You can also enjoy the interactive games provided on the site. I didn't know to much about this whole tournament and until I visited this site which is also the official site of the tournament. So if you love rugby definitely go check it out and enjoy.

Long Walk

So the other day my friends Joel and Bret were over and we decided with Jesse to go walking. Well we didn't just walk a little bit we walked from our house to Mr. Money which I would guess would be a good 3 miles. It was really fun but kinda cold. Definitely wanna do it again and this time we wanna walk to wal mart.

Grand Theft Auto

So I've been playing alot of GTA on my computer lately. It's an older game but I learned that you mod stuff into the game and add like real cars and give your guys new outfits and what not. Hope to start doing it to Vice City here pretty soon.


Looking for a someone to help in either the search for a good mortgage or someone who can help you in the area of refinancing? Well I've got a good site for you to visit, go Dollarblvd.com and take a look at there many different options in that area. On there you can compare up to 5 free quotes on one form for absoulutely free. You don't have to give your social security number or a credit card. Also they help in finding the best mortgage rate for you. They also have special deals for California residents for California Refinance. So go and check it out today.

My Car

Well I've now been without my car going on about 3 weeks and it's driving me absoulutely crazy. I want to be able to go places without bumming rides off of people. So hopefully I will get it back this weekend.

Cabin Fever

Well as usual around this time of year I'm starting to some serious cabin fever. It won't stop snowing and it's stupid cold all the time so the only thing we can do is sit in the house and do nothing. I wanna get out and do stuff. Hopefully soon