Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cruiser Customizing

I think it would be sweet to own a motorcycle and if I had one and it needed repairs or upgrading I would browse the website cruisercustomizing.com. It is easy to shop for motorcycle parts by bike model. Right now through Thanksgiving you can save from 15% to 40%. That is a great savings. This is the place to look for any part or accessory you need for your bike.


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The day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It won't be a very exciting day because we are stuck here in our apartment because my brother has to work that night. There won't be turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy or pies to eat. That's just not cool. At least we are going to get that on Sunday when we go home to see our parents. I guess we will just have to consider that our Thanksgiving Day.

Male Enhancement

I have seen on television that there are advertisements for ways for men to achieve penis enlargement. There is this website at www.maleedge.com where you can browse their site for a way to make this happen. The penis enlarger is safe, non-invasive and proven to work and there is a choice of colours to choose from. If this is something you would like to find out more about you can browse this site in the privacy of your own home without anyone knowing it.

Ninetendo Wii

My mom has been talking a lot about wanting to get my brother and I a Ninetendo Wii for Christmas. She hasn't quite convinced my dad of that idea yet. I hope she gets him convinced to do that because I know we would have so much fun with it. They have some great games out there for it and at our local pawn shop a person can pick up games for $10. I guess we will see what happens but I'm sure hoping for one.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Discount Jewelry

Christmas is getting so close and I know there are probably a lot of women out there who would love jewelry for a Christmas gift. My mom loves jewelry and I could see her loving to receive a necklace, earrings or a ring. Holsted Jewelry has amazing buys on some really nice things. They understand that everyone loves to be fashionable whether you’re giving a gift or receiving one. There items are affordable and puts you in the spotlight. You must see for yourself the quality and craftsmanship that they offer in their beautiful jewelry. To find out more about their jewelry click on discount jewelry.


Last week I had two interviews which I am highly interested in either job. They are both for security and I would love that. The second interview I felt like I dominated that one. It went so well and the guy who interviewed me seemed impressed. It was great and I hope I land one of these jobs soon.


I have to work tonight. This is the first job that I start so late. I have to start around 11 and go till almost 3 in the morning. I really don't mind it though because I am usually up anyway. Just as well work and make some money.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Denver Restaurants

Denver, Colorado is a fast paced city with its citizens moving quickly, too. There is so much to do and see in this great city.
The Denver Magazine keeps the people up to speed on everything about Denver. I have been to Denver a couple of times with my family. It is a pretty amazing city and has so much to offer. You will find many great Denver Restaurants with a variety of cuisine. Many world class chefs call Colorado their home. You can find types of cuisine like French, Mexican, Southwestern and Italian. Dining in Denver is a pleasure for the palate. When you visit Denver you will really enjoy it and will want to visit again.

Sore Muscles

A buddy of mine and myself have been lifting weight for a short time now. We really push ourselves and wow do my muscles hurt. I just have to laugh because to watch my friend try to move with his sore muscles is hilarious and I'm sure I look just as funny. I will really be glad when we are past the pain.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beauty Schools in Minnesota

Regency Beauty Institute has six beauty schools in minnesota. This is where they began their schools and now have 53 across the nation and they are still growing. Minnesota is also the home of The Playhouse which is a world-class advanced training center that makes sure they are providing the best cosmetology education possible. These schools have their own unique learning program and also have a job placement program for when the students graduate. They can get jobs in salons, on cruise ships or even runways. As part of their training, students provide high quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision. If you are considering cosmetology then consider attending one of these schools.


Well I worked my second night at my new job and it went very well. I had one incident where a guy had a little to much to drink and he kept harassing a girl for a date. The girl came over to me and asked me to help her out so that he would leave her alone. Well, he kept bothering her so I had to throw him out. He didn't hassle with me so that was good. I'm sure glad I had a better night then the first night.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Substance Abuse Treatment

It is sad to say but many people deal with substance abuse. Many need to go to a substance abuse treatment center to overcome these addictions. Promises is a rehab center that not only works on the abuse of drugs and or alcohol but works with the total person and by doing this the clients benefit greatly. They are given the opportunity to achieve the complete and lasting recovery they so very much deserve. Their staff is highly qualified in this area and the clients are in good hand.

Online Classes

I take online classes this year to earn my degree in Criminal Justice and the way this university does it is that you take one class at a time and they last 5 weeks. I just finished my second class for the fall and was starting to get a little concerned about some of the random bad grades I was getting. I even asked my instructor about it. Well, I finished up last week and passed the class with a pretty average grade. I was so relieved. Now I start another class next week and hope it goes better.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Online College Courses

When I started in college I was attending a university. I really did not like having to go to school everyday and sitting in class. So this year I started taking online college courses because it just works better for me and I really like it. I can do it in my own time and with having a job that gets me to bed late I can sleep in some and then do my school work.
If you are interested in achieving a degree or masters Capella University would be a great choice. Capella University is a accredited and fully online university and is a leading provider of master’s and PhD degrees for working adults. You can get a degree in several different areas like business, information technology, education and human services to name a few. This is a great opportunity to get your degree within your schedule.
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Facebook is a great social network where you can stay in touch with friends and family all over. When I first joined I was new in college and it spread to high school aged kids and now adults are joining all the time. My mom is on their and my grandma. So it really doesn't matter anymore the age of people joining Facebook.
I enjoy posting pictures and joining groups and mainly staying in touch with friends that live a distance away, it's pretty cool.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Friday Ads

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get most of the specials that come out in the black friday ads easier and without going out and fighting the crowds? You would not have to get up when it is still dark outside and go stand in long lines in the cold but instead sleep in some, sit at your computer in a warm house and shop online on Thanksgiving morning for many of the deals you find in the ads. Sounds a lot better doesn't it? You can sign up your email address and they will send you email alerts as to when different stores put out their ads and you can begin making your Christmas list.
I love the idea of getting the ads ahead of time because I like to plan as to what I want to buy. I love Walmart and I can find so many of the gifts there that I want to buy for my family. I also find great bargains for myself. There are many stores that you will find and are sure to find bargains at. There are stores where you can find electronics, movies, clothing, household items and many many other things. You can accomplish a big part of your Christmas shopping.

New Job

Finally, I got a job! I am so excited and I start on Saturday. I was interviewed and hired on the spot. I will be working in security for a college lounge. It sounds like it will be a pretty cool job and am looking forward to working and making a paycheck.