Friday, September 28, 2007

My birthday

I got some pretty cool stuff for my birthday. My brother gave me an awesome game to play on my xbox and he gave me a figure of one of my favorite wrestlers. My parents gave me dvds of Lonesome Dove, which I've never seen before but look forward to seeing and a converter so that I can listen to my ipod in my car. It was a great birthday.

File Sharing

There is a great way to do large file sharing without having to deal with attachments in your emails. At they provides for easy file sharing and collaboration. Collaboration features include direct editing of data stored on driveway via browser using standard microsoft office applications. You can upload any file/folder of size up to 500MB with a right click and 'create link' option on your desktop, or via the browser application.
I know for myself there has been times when I've been on a vacation and have wanted to send a large file of pictures of my trip to family and friends and it takes a long time to do plus when they get them they have their email boxes full of my pictures or they come in attachments and it takes forever to go through them. With driveway I can easily send them and it's done quickly and easily.
I can see this being great for businesses, also. If you need to send files to someone in a hurry and it's quite large this is the route to go.
Newer enhancements at driveway include faster uploads via desktop plugin, widgets for file/folder sharing, free storage up to 2GB.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


I got to my brother's apartment on Thursday afternoon and went home on Friday. It was good to see my Dad before he left on his trip. My mom made my favorite supper for my birthday and it was Norwegian pancakes. We then had an ice cream cake that my mom made and she gave me some birthday gifts. It was a good time with good food.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Black Friday Ads

One of my favorite things to do around Christmas time is do some shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. I usually spend time on Thanksgiving day to check out the black friday ads. But now I can get them early by going to At, they give you the advantage by showing you all of the Black Friday 2007 ads before anyone else. I love to see what cool things I can either buy for myself or gifts for my family at a really good price.
I enjoy electronics to the fullest and at Best Buy I can see the great deals they are having that day and get a jump start on my planning and buying without the hassle of standing in long lines and having to get up really early to beat the
rush. I'm not an early riser whatsoever and this works great for me.
You not only can get the great deals from the ads but they also offer discount codes to your favorite stores. This works great for me and I'm excited to tell my friends and family all about this. This is going to be a fun Christmas season and I'm looking forward to being able to shop online and save.

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My room

This past summer my parents fixed up a room in the back corner of the basement for me to sleep. It turned out pretty cool looking and when it was really hot I never really had to deal with the heat down there. It was very dark when I slept, which I liked alot and very private. It was great.


I have a dog named Lucky and she is part Lab and part border collie. She hasn't been eating very well lately and I can't figure out why. She has been so cuddly lately and maybe that has something to do with it. She's probably lonely and needs more attention and maybe that takes her appetite away so I will need to give her the attention she needs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have found that visiting Toronto is the place to be. The restaurants and nightlife is very enticing. In the Toronto Dining Guide there are some pretty cool eating places. I am drawn to restaurants that have some unique design to them. Then I look for places that can make some different kinds of food that I normally don't eat. I like to try new things and in Toronto they have every kind of restaurant you can imagine. I could eat somewhere different everyday.
As for the nightlife in Toronto, you can go dancing till dawn at some pretty nice clubs. They have great live music to enjoy and move to. What a great time to spend with your friends or significant other.
If you are one who doesn't enjoy dancing then maybe you would enjoy going to one of their lounges or playing some pool. It can be more of a relaxing time.
There are clubs and lounges for young and old. At you are able to put in the age of the ones you are with and the amount of money you are willing to spend and this site will find what you are looking for in a club or dining.
Finding something to do in Toronto is not a problem and there is something to do for everyone. It's a great place to visit.

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I don't know what to think about school this year. I was pretty excited about my classes when I first started but now it seems like the professors are just teaching the same ole stuff that I learned last year. It's frustrating cause I want to learn new things and repeating things. I feel like they are just running us in circles. I sure hope it improves.

Cheat to Lose Diet

I hate to diet because it seems like you always have to give up your favorite foods when you do. With the Cheat to Lose Diet you don't have to give up pizza, or cookies, or even french fries. On this diet you learn to cheat strategically to help your body burn fat. Cheating on your diet can actually enhance your results.
This customized online program will guide you every step of the way until your reach your personal goal. You get a daily planner of meals to eat so that you get the right balance of foods throughout the week. You can also get great recipes and a fitness plan. Studies show that people who participate in online diets lose more weight than people who diet alone. I'm pretty excited about going on this diet. This is just the right fit for me.

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Going home

Next weekend I'm going home for a couple of days to celebrate my birthday. I haven't been home since around the middle of August so I'm looking forward to it. My mom is going to make Norwegian pancakes and an ice cream cake for my birthday. It will be nice to have home cooking again.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Electronic Closing

In this world today there is an over abundance of garbage in the form of paper and with electronic closing it enables electronic distribution of Disclosure documents and the paperless closing of the mortgage process.
In the traditional paper-based mortgage process, loan documents are formed, executed, and kept safely as paper files. In the eMortgage and process with electronic closing, loan documents are converted to an electronic format known as a SMARTDoc.
Entire processes of the closings are automatic which prevents anymore paperwork having to be made and will help keep our country be less overcome more paperless.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Online Shopping

I love to do online shopping and with the holidays coming it will be alot easier to shop that way then to fight the crowds in the stores. One of my favorite places to shop is Best Buy. I can find just about any movie out or get the latest video game. It would be a good place to find my brother a gift. They also have great accessories for computers, video game players or just about any electronic item.
When shopping for my parents I like to go to Target. They have a wide range of things to use for home or fun. My parents enjoy traveling and I'm sure I could find them some nice luggage for their trips.
It's just so easy to find what I need right online and it makes shopping for the holidays that much more fun.


It is so awsome outside. It's way cooler out this week then last. I love this weather. Fall is definitely in the air. Today it's pretty cloudy but that doesn't bother me. Yesterday we had more sun and it still stayed cool. It's the greatest and now maybe my room will cool off some.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Reading Tutors

My cousin has had a hard time with reading. He wanted to be able to read so bad but it is just not easy for him. My Aunt said she checked to see about Reading Tutors. She found one at Score and there the tutor helped my cousin really excel in his reading. Whenever I see him now he has a book in his hand and a smile on his face.

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My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to going home and celebrating. I'm sure my brother and some of our friends will do something fun. My mom always makes me Norwegian pancakes and a good cake. It should be a pretty good time.

Innovative Tutor

There is a family that I know who has a child who could use some extra help in math and reading. I suggested to the parents that they could find a good Innovative Tutor online that is highly qualified and can really help their child. They looked into it and have been able to get their child the help he needed and are so grateful.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Halloween Season

It's so cool cause many of the stores and malls are getting their Halloween decorations and costumes out on the shelves. My roommates and I like to decorate our house with some scary stuff. I think it's fun to see the new costumes they come out with every year. I have a pretty good selection of masks and ghoulish things that I have picked up over the past few years so we have variety.

Math Tutors

I know of kids that have trouble with their math skills and their parents went online to find some good Math Tutors that could help their child. Here their math program is designed to help your child improve his problem solving skills, while instilling the confidence he needs to believe in his abilities. So whether it's basic addition or complex algebra, at Score, children can get the help they need.

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Getting Colder

Well, it shouldn't be too much longer and it should be getting colder outside. I am one who loves the fall. I get so tired of the heat and sun shining down all the time. It will be nice to be able to go out and not sweat constantly. It sounds like this weekend we are in for alittle bit cooler weather and I say, "Bring it on!"

Obesity Surgery

There are many people who battle to lose weight and the weight is effecting their heath. There is an obesity surgery called Lapband. The Lapband System is the safest, proven weight-loss surgery available today.
Journeylite evaluates you to see if this surgery is the right thing to do for you. They help you find an experienced surgeon, to get insurance approval, and extensive follow-up and aftercare that is specifically tailored with your success in mind.
See if this is an option for you and begin to change the quality of your life.

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Computer Classes

It's kind of cool this year at college because I have all computer classes this fall semester. It's pretty awsome to see the kind of things that we will be doing. It may get a little crazy when it comes to doing projects at the same time. I could be pulling some late nights.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Electronic Vault

There is an electronic vault designed for financial assets. It's great for people closing on their eMortgage and have a place to keep them that is safe and secure.
Documents can be easily transferred between investors using their intuitive client interface and custom auditing/reporting tools are already built into the system.
Benefits of this evault has drastically reduced certification time and low deployment costs. This is a full featured vault safe for what is important to you.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New computer

I went last week and bought an awsome desktop computer. I figured I was going to need a good one with lots of space and memory to deal with the projects I am going to be doing in school this year. The monitor is the man, I can watch tv on it. It has a built in DVR and that's awsome.