Friday, September 28, 2007

File Sharing

There is a great way to do large file sharing without having to deal with attachments in your emails. At they provides for easy file sharing and collaboration. Collaboration features include direct editing of data stored on driveway via browser using standard microsoft office applications. You can upload any file/folder of size up to 500MB with a right click and 'create link' option on your desktop, or via the browser application.
I know for myself there has been times when I've been on a vacation and have wanted to send a large file of pictures of my trip to family and friends and it takes a long time to do plus when they get them they have their email boxes full of my pictures or they come in attachments and it takes forever to go through them. With driveway I can easily send them and it's done quickly and easily.
I can see this being great for businesses, also. If you need to send files to someone in a hurry and it's quite large this is the route to go.
Newer enhancements at driveway include faster uploads via desktop plugin, widgets for file/folder sharing, free storage up to 2GB.

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