Saturday, February 28, 2009


With the economy the way it is and not knowing what the future holds it makes me think about what would be a wise thing to invest money in. Buying bullion has been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. Gold has been something worth investing in for many years. It is is real, honest money and has been said that it is the best form of money the world has ever known. If you are interested in finding out more about investing in gold bullions or want to purchase these you can in the form of three different forms through Monex. To find out more about this you can check out there website where you can find all the information you need.


This is so great! Most of the snow is now gone and for the last three times that the weather people have said we are going to get snow, well we haven't or very little. It is so great and I am so ready for spring. I can't believe it is March first tomorrow and it's looking like it is going to come in like a lamb and hopefully it will go out like a lamb.=)

Car Troubles

I had to leave my car with my dad because it keeps using oil and the transmission fluid is low. So he always has a way to figure out what is causing this trouble and I am hoping he is figuring it out. I had to take their other car to get back home and am sure glad they have that spare car for me to use otherwise I don't know what I would do.

Honeymoon Vacation

My parents went to Mexico a couple of years ago and they said it was so fun and the hotels and resorts were out of this world. What I have seen of Cancun and the Riveria Maya is that it looks like a pretty romantic place to be especially if you are on a honeymoon vacation or celebrating an anniversary. The Karisma Hotels are the perfect resorts to stay in for a special occasion such as these. These hotels offer upscale all-inclusive vacation locations, each with a slightly different feel. This is the perfect atmosphere for romance. Consider one of these hotels if you are planning a honeymoon or anniversary celebration.

Weekend Home

My parents were gone last week on vacation so my brother and I decided to go home and spend the weekend at my parent's house. It was strange not having them there but we still had a good time. We had one of our buddies come and stay with us and it was a fun weekend away. I think I needed that after the crummy week I had just endured.


About a week or so ago I was around my Dad some and my brother and they had both come down with colds. It wasn't too long after that I ended up getting one and felt miserable and of all weeks I had to work more nights then usual. It was a tough week with working and trying to keep up with school. I'm so glad I am feeling better and hope I stay healthy now the rest of this winter.

Eye Charts

I can only imagine what the expenses are for hospitals and doctors offices who have to buy medical equipment for everyday use. Even for optometrists with needing equipment such as eye charts and other types of supplies to check vision. Allegro Medical is the place to shop for such items. There you can shop by brand, category, condition or body part and right now till midnight if you order anything that is $25 or higher you will receive free shipping. There are so many medical supplies available on this site. It is a great one stop shopping site for any and all your medical supply needs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day

I have a beautiful sweet friend that I think the world of and I decided to get her something special for Valentines Day. I was going to buy her some flowers but thought it would be nice to get her something that would last a little longer then flowers do so I picked up a teddy bear and a box of candy. I'm looking forward to seeing her reaction when I give it to her. She's a great friend.